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Top 15 Best Soothers And Teethers For Babies

Soothers are very crucial to keep in your baby bag at all times. Even if the little one you have there seems to be the sweetest angel on earth, we can’t always count on them staying peaceful their entire babyhood. Time will come when they will fuss. 

The power of sucking to calm babies is quite remarkable: It reduces blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels; it even reduces crying after shots and blood tests. Even a simple pacifier can bring a lot of pleasure to your baby throughout the day!

As your baby starts developing teeth, known as teething, you will also need a teether to help soothe their gums when their teeth start coming in. This happens around 3 to 7 months old.

Soothers and teethers come in many forms but the most common soothers, known as pacifiers, have nipples to imitate their feeding bottle and their mother’s breast. Some soothers can double as teethers, while there are also teethers that look more like toys or rings/hand rattles.

How soothers calm babies

Because pacifiers remind babies of being in the womb, babies like sucking on them. A baby’s innate calming reflex is triggered by several womb sensations, including sucking.

During pregnancy, babies can easily suck their fingers because the womb’s soft walls deflect their hands toward their mouths. Because newborns have poor muscle coordination, they don’t suck their fingers much after birth. It’s more likely that they’ll hit their hand against their nose rather than reach their mouth when they try to suck. That’s why pacifiers, bottles, and breasts make babies so happy when we put them in place.

When to start using soothers to calm your baby

When a baby is given a pacifier too early, it may make it difficult to learn to properly breastfeed. You should wait until the baby can breastfeed properly. This usually happens around one month of age.

If the pacifier falls out in the middle of the night, your baby may fuss. You may need to get up to put it back in the baby’s mouth. Don’t worry though as your baby will eventually learn how to do it independently.

Infections of the inner ear may result from the use of pacifiers so be careful. Pacifiers carry germs. Those germs can make your baby sick if the pacifier isn’t frequently washed.

The use of pacifiers after age 2 is also associated with dental problems.

If your child uses a pacifier, remember these helpful tips:

  • Never encourage your child to use a pacifier by putting anything on it (sugar, honey or milk) unless you’re using a feeder to feed them fruits and other solid foods. Let them want it naturally.
  • When your baby doesn’t want to use a pacifier, do not force them. Your baby’s pacifier may fall out at night. If they don’t notice, don’t put it back.
  • Never tie your baby’s pacifier to the crib, bed or around them. It can strangle them without you knowing.
  • Figure out what is causing your baby to fuss before offering a pacifier. Babies cry for a lot of reasons. Often they just need a diaper change.
  • Pacifiers should always be one-piece. Two-piece pacifiers are choking hazards since they can break.
  • Try other methods first when calming your baby. You can rock, sing, or hold them. The pacifier should be the last thing you offer.
  • Make sure the shield on the pacifier is wider than your child’s mouth. There should be a hole in the shield.
  • You can consult your doctor for advice on when to stop using a pacifier for your child. Around 6 months to 1 year of age would be a good time to stop. Using a pacifier after the age of 2 is not recommended.

Why do babies need teethers?

Babies experience discomfort during the teething process. As a result, babies may become easily irritable and frustrated, causing parents anxiety. The first few teeth a baby gets are painful due to teething being a major developmental milestone. Every baby’s teething phase is different. The process of teething can begin as early as the first few months of a baby’s life. Drooling is a sign that a baby is teething. Sometimes, babies that are teething don’t drool at all. Every baby’s development phase is unique.

It is common for babies to put everything in their mouths as they explore. As a result of all that mouthing, babies move their tongues inside their mouths. They develop an understanding of their mouth and gums through this. They also learn speech sounds from the movement inside the mouth. 

While they are teething, they are more inclined to put everything in their mouths. By chewing, the pain is relieved. It is not uncommon for your baby to chew on a blanket, keys, toys, and whatever else they can get their hands on. Babies love chewing and teething on whatever they can find, so teethers are a better choice than any other toy.

When to start using teethers

As mentioned, babies develop uniquely and some of them won’t even need teethers. Teething can occur without pain or discomfort for some babies. But at the sign of them needing something to chew on during teething, decide whether you should give them a teether.

Teething usually occurs between 4 and 7 months old, but some start much later. To know if your baby started teething, watch out for these symptoms:

  • Where the tooth is coming through, the gums are red and sore;
  • There’s a lot of chewing and gnawing going on;
  • It’s hard for them to sleep.
  • Their dribbling has increased;
  • They have a mild temperature of 38C;
  • Their fretfulness has increased
  • One cheek is flushed;
  • They are rubbing their ears; and
  • There is a rash on their face.

Choosing soothers and teethers for your baby

Selecting a soother and teether requires special attention. You should carefully consider the pacifier or toy you choose before buying it, whether it is a natural teething toy, a normal pacifier or a teething ring for babies. Before choosing a soother and teether for your baby, know how to use it, the safety hazards, and other details. 

You can also choose the best one by keeping the following features in mind:


Make sure you choose a teether and soother that you can easily clean. Pacifiers and teether toys come in a variety of shapes on the market. Make sure to choose toys that can be easily cleaned and sterilized.

It is also possible to find dishwasher soothers and teethers that can be sterilized in a microwave or boiled with steam.


To soothe a baby, the soother’s or teether’s design is very important. You should choose a soother and teether that;


  • Has a texture that is comfortable and can soothe gums;
  • Has a small enough grip for the baby; and
  • Are made big enough for the baby.


This is the most important factor you should look for while choosing the best soothing and teething toys. You don’t want to replace them often, do you? Buy soothers and teethers that are made from high-quality materials that will not crumble after a few uses. Teethers come in a variety of materials—silicone, rubber and even wood.

When babies use teethers, they are trying to soothe their gums so they can be rough. Choosing a durable teether is therefore recommended. 


In general, teethers are not expensive, same with soothers and pacifiers. These types of toys are affordable. The costs vary depending on the brand. Do not overspend on a toy that you can buy at a lower cost. 

Top 15 Best Soothers And Teethers For Babies

Keep reading for our suggestions on very versatile, baby-friendly, affordable yet high-quality soothers and teethers.

Sophie the Giraffe Teething Toy

This cute teething toy not only introduces one of the most adorable animals on earth to your little bug but is also a great companion for your baby’s teething days. Made of ‎100% natural rubber and coated with natural food paint, this toy is ‎BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free and lead-free!

This teething toy is very easy to clean using only soapy water and a damp cloth!

Buy this adorable teething toy here!

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NatureBond Baby Fruit Feeder Teether & Pacifier

Looking for something to help you in introducing solid food to your baby that also doubles as a teether? Look no further!

These colourful fruit feeders and teethers are designed to stimulate your baby’s appetite for fruits and vegetables. Through this handy-dandy product, you can safely introduce solid food to your little one’s diet while they’re going through the weaning and teething phase.

This is also effective in soothing your bay’s gums and removing discomfort by massaging through chewing.

It is also designed to clean easily since you can disassemble it easily.

You can get this colourful teether and pacifier here.

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Tommee Tippee Ultra Light Silicone Baby Soother

This soother is proven safe and effective in soothing your little one!

With a skin-like feel, it is made of 100 per cent food-grade silicone. Additionally, this soother is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and free of nasty chemicals such as BPA and BPS. To save you from having to replace it every few minutes, this lightest soother is designed to stay in the babies’ mouths.

Designed to move and flex so baby will easily accept this soother the first time. With a hygienic, anti-static finish, dust won’t settle on this soother, making it safe to put in a baby’s mouth. To prevent skin irritation and rashes, the soother curves around sensitive cheeks and noses. It is suitable for babies 6-18 months old.

Grab this ultra-light silicone soother here!

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Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Baby Toy

Winkel is a great rattle and teether set by Manhattan Toy that parents and infants will love. The maze of continuous, soft tubes and vibrant colours are instantly enticing to a baby.

Baby’s fingers can easily grasp, hold, and rattle this toy thanks to its loop design and lightweight construction – a perfect clutching toy to stimulate their gross motor skills. The centre cube includes a quiet rattle, allowing a baby to explore sound and cause and effect. Babies with teething or gum problems will love this pliable, soft teether loop. If your baby’s teeth or gums are particularly sore, Winkel can also be refrigerated to provide more soothing relief.

This cute rattle teether is available here.

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Philips Avent Soothie

Made from durable yet flexible medical grade silicone, even hospitals distribute this soother in the United States.

It has a unique shape and design that allows you to insert a finger inside the nipple which allows you to help your baby with sucking.

The collapsible silicone nipple’s symmetrical shape is comfortable for your baby’s palate, gums and teeth as they grow.

This soother is made from BPA-free material!

You can get it here!

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RaZberry Berrybumps Baby Teether & Pacifier

With its multiple textures, this teether soothes a baby’s sore gums by combining a soft silicone teether with a single piece of silicone. Because of its loop-shaped handle, it’s ideal for little ones to hold onto, yet its pacifier shape also allows hands-free use.

You can even freeze it for extra soothing! You don’t have to worry about silicone hardening. Introducing fruits at a young age is also one of the benefits of this nature-inspired best-seller.

Check it out here!

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Mombella Mimi The Mushroom Silicone Baby Teether & Pacifier

With super soft skin-like silicone, this teether is designed to imitate breast and nipple shape. This works well for breastfed babies who are picky about pacifiers and bottles.

The best thing about this pacifier is its design that fits even premature babies! The sucking pad is only developed in the last month of pregnancy. So premature babies do not have a sucking pad. By using this pacifier to have more sucking practice, it encourages the growth of the sucking pad.

Wanna try it? Go here.

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Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

Teethers like this one include nontoxic, pure ice gel to maintain their coolness for a long time. Soothe and stimulate sore gums with their cool textured surface. In addition to stimulating their visual senses, the bright colours aid in eye-hand coordination.

The bright and colourful shapes have teething nubs that will massage tender gums. They are suitable for children aged 3 months and older.

Using a damp cloth, you can easily clean it.

Buy it here!

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Infantino Lil’ Nibble Teethers Carrot

Your child will benefit from these teethers as they develop and grow. With two easy-to-grip handles, this toy helps babies use their mouth and tongue muscles in fun ways. This sensory teether, which has a textured finish on the carrot end, allows your child to develop an understanding of flavours, temperatures, and textures. Colourful and durable, this BPA-free carrot is easy to clean and can be kept for a long time.

These teethers are available here!

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TOMMEE TIPPEE Ultralight Silicone Pacifier

This pacifier is light enough to stay put in your baby’s mouth for longer!

By having a symmetrical nipple, your baby can rest their tongue comfortably during sucking and receive support for the healthy and natural development of their mouth, teeth, and gums.

This silky-smooth soother is made from super-soft 100% medical-grade silicone, which gives it a skin-like feel and texture. In addition to being highly flexible and tasteless, silicone is ultra-durable, odourless, and stain-free.

To make sure your baby has a comfortable fit between his chin and nose, the pacifier shield curves at the top and bottom. By allowing extra airflow, the shield prevents moisture build-up, thus protecting your baby’s skin from irritation.

Unlike other pacifiers, this one is dust-free. In addition to being lightweight, this silicone pacifier is also easy to clean since it comes in one piece. You can clean it with hot, soapy water or on the top shelf of your dishwasher. It is also sterilizer-safe!

Check it out here!

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NUK Rose & Blue Pacifier

The 100% silicone design of this pacifier gently contours the baby’s face. A heart-shaped shield fits perfectly under the nose of your baby, allowing easier breathing and reducing irritation. Its unique, breast-like nipple fits naturally with your baby’s palate and promotes healthy oral development.

Made of 100% medical-grade silicone and is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe (top rack only), this pacifier is modelled after the natural shape of a mom’s nipple while breastfeeding, creating an easy transition from breast to pacifier and back.

Ready to get your baby’s own binky? Go here.

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Chicco PhysioForma 100% Soft Silicone One-Piece Pacifier

Comfortable and breathable, this silicone pacifier is soft, flexible, and of high quality. Designed to fit your baby’s little face, this pacifier has a ventilated shield that provides air circulation and helps reduce moisture buildup. Also, a soft nipple aids in staying latched, for added comfort and less slippage!

This 100% silicone, BPA and latex-free, pacifier has a satin-textured finish that keeps it in your baby’s mouth for uninterrupted comfort.

Grab your baby’s first Chicco right here!

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BIBS Baby Pacifier

In a very natural way, the BIBS pacifier mimics the mother’s breasts both in shape and soft materials. This allows your child to self-soothe through the exercise of their instinctive sucking instinct. The classic and iconic appearance of the pacifier creates an elegant and timeless look.

Made of the highest quality materials and are 100% free of BPA, PVC and phthalates, this pacifier can be sterilized by pouring boiling water over it, squeezing any remaining water out, and letting it dry for 4–6 hours.

Buy it here!

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MAM Perfect Start Pacifier

Clinically proven to help reduce the risk of an open bite and overbite later in life, the MAM Perfect Pacifier is designed specifically for your child’s teeth and jaw.

Your child’s favourite binky is safe for their development as it is 60% thinner and 4 times more flexible than a regular soother.

Using skin-like, SkinSoft textured silicone, MAM nipples feel naturally comfortable, just like a mom’s.

MAM’s self-sterilizing storage case makes it easy to sterilize your baby’s pacifier in the microwave.

This cute and soft pacifier is available here!

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It is important to determine the main purpose of a teether or soother before you start shopping. Are you looking for a pacifier that is small and portable so you can take it with you wherever you go with your baby? Would you like something specifically textured to help ease gum pain and teething? Are you looking for something that can provide teething relief as well as feeding? Are you looking for a teether that will work at cold temperatures or one that will only work at room temperature?

No matter what you’re looking for, always remember the four features we mentioned: cleaning, design, durability and cost.

Does your baby have a favourite binky? Share them in the comments!

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Top 15 Best Soothers And Teethers For Babies
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