What To Look Forward To If You Are Having A Baby Boy!
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What To Look Forward To If You Are Having A Baby Boy

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Having a baby boy?

The thing about pregnancies is… they take forever. Finding ways to distract yourself can seem impossible when all you want to do is get to hold that precious baby. While you wait it’s normal for parents to plan ahead and visualize the future. Maybe you already know you are having a baby boy, or maybe you want to wait and have the gender revealed on the baby’s birthday, either way, scanning ahead to know what the future with a baby boy might look for is normal.

Here are some amazing things to look forward to raising and having a baby boy:


Choosing clothes for boys is simpler because there just aren’t as many frills, bows and leggings to choose from. The difference in the range of clothes on the baby girl’s side of the store is noticeable. You’ll find fewer colour choices, fewer motives (trucks, sharks, and dinosaurs seem to be the limit) and clothing shapes are simple and clean cut. Rejoice. The less fuss the better and also your baby boy will be miles more comfortable. 

A baby boy’s energy is priceless

There is no guarantee what personality type you will get with your baby boy. While boys have a reputation for being active and physical, girls can be too. You might find your boy turns out to be a bookworm and likes sitting quietly alone. If you do have a boy with boundless energy and a passion for adventure, it’s a genuine pleasure (and also a little bit terrifying) to witness as they explore the world.

They love their Moms!

Freud called it the Oedipus complex, but most of what Freud said has now been debunked. Even so, we cannot deny that sons tend to have an extra special bond with their mom. There will be a time in the near future when hanging out with mom will be considered uncool. Until this happens, enjoy every minute of mommy time and unconditional admiration.

Nickname heaven

Dude, monkey, buddy, stinker or whatever you call your baby boy, the range and options are just about endless. Nicknames mirror your child’s individuality and emphasize a trait that makes parents smile. Calling them by their nickname is one charming and unique way to express your love for your little gentleman.  

Boys have a soft side

No matter what you hear, boys are not all about wrestling, playing in the mud and eating worms. They are soft, sensitive and sweet as well. Your little gentleman may cry about little stuff, admire princess stories and take his stuffed teddy everywhere. To really enjoy that softer side, make long bedtime routines so you can curl up at the end of the day and listen to them chat and see just how sweet he really is, “Can I have just one more kiss, Mommy?”

Teaching your little boy to be an honest man

It’s such a privilege to raise a young man, giving them all the tools they need to be happy, successful and independent and most of all, teaching them how to treat others well.

A private world with his Dad

Father and son relationships are truly special. Your son will love mimicking what you do so expect them to be pushing their toy mower along the grass behind you. They will also love to share your interests like working on the computer, watching sports, and cheating a secret world just for the two of you.

Get into some rough and tumble play

We all know that children love playing but in general, boys like to play rough more often than girls. Parents can gain so much from joining in and playing on their level. As well as staying fit chasing, wrestling, and swinging your boy about, you also get to form a strong bond. Horseplay is also really healthy as it balances out those times you need to discipline your son. It’s okay to be “the bad guy” now and then because you’ll have so many close and playful memories that will let them know you love them, no matter what. 

Rough and energetic play also helps wear your little one out so they are tired and looking for sleep at bedtime.

A little gentleman’s kisses and cuddles

We all know that the best thing about having a baby is the moment they come close to you and give you random hugs and kisses. Just because they love you. 

There isn’t a lot of difference between boys and girls in the early years. Development milestones are all different from baby to baby, regardless of gender. Babies also don’t really care what they are dressed in or what they play with. In fact, babies are more likely to reach for and be drawn to bold and striking contrasting colours like black and white and yellow and red, rather than the soft pastel pinks and blues we assign to them. Even toddlers will be amazed and entranced by toys, colours, sights and sounds, regardless of who they are packaged for. 

It’s only when they get into school years and start choosing their friends and striding out in their own style that you will really see just how great it is to be a mom of a boy. While it’s fun to fantasize about what being a parent to a boy might look like, don’t plan too far into your boy’s future. Give him space to decide what he wants in his life, in his career and in his romantic partners. Filling in all the gaps in your mind will put a lot of pressure on both of you and make it hard for him to share his passions with you.

What To Look Forward To If You Are Having A Baby Boy
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