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How to conceive a baby boy

How to conceive a baby boy: Can you choose your baby’s gender?

If you’re a parent already or hopeful of conceiving soon and you are longing to have a baby boy, welcome! You are in the right place. We have dedicated this blog to the myths and theories of choosing to have a baby boy.

While there are no guaranteed results for being able to influence the gender of your child at conception, there is no harm in following any of the methods and theories we have here. Of course what you really want at the end is a healthy, happy baby. Best of luck with your pregnancy.

Technically speaking, if everything is healthy and well balanced in the biological parents, you have a 50-50 chance of having either a boy or a girl. Here are some things you can learn about that might help sway your chances towards a baby boy.

Shettles’ Method

This one is based on scientific facts. Semen contains both male and female sperm. The one that penetrated the egg first, determines the gender the baby will be.

According to Landrum B. Shettles, male sperm are faster swimmers but not as resilient as female sperm. So while male sperm are more likely to reach the uterus first, unless the egg is already there or will arrive in the next 24 hours, the sperm will likely perish. 

To help increase the chances of the egg being present in the status when the make sperm arrives, it is considered best practice to have unprotected sex on the day of ovulation. 

Exactly when a woman ovulates can vary. While a normal cycle has ovulation on day 14 of the woman’s cycle (with day 1 being the first day of her period), there are a lot of reasons why a woman’s cycle may not be exactly regular or may be regular some months and not others. 

Ovulation tests are available at the chemist that works similar to a urine test to help tell when a woman is ovulating. Temperate readers can also help, although it will take a few months of reading every day at the same time to figure out what a higher than normal temperature is for you.

If you are having an assisted pregnancy, in most cases sperm will be inserted on the 14th day so that is helpful for those attempting to conceive a boy.

Eating Certain Foods

Old wives tales tell that eating salty foods will most likely produce a baby girl, therefore it is suggested to avoid salt if you are planning on a boy. There is some truth in the tale. The pH levels of the woman’s reproductive tract can help. Women who are more alkaline are believed to foster and support male sperm better, while those who are acidic will foster and support the female sperm. 

You can take a home pH test using a urine sample.

Fiona Matthews confirmed the old wives tale that adding bananas and calorie-rich foods to your diet can increase a woman’s chance of conceiving a baby boy.

Other alkaline foods include fresh fruits and vegetables (include root vegetables and potatoes as well as leafy greens), salmon and avocado.

Avoid dairy products and processed meat as well as soft drinks

There are also alkalizing vitamins you can try.

Men’s Underwear

It is believed that a man’s choice of underwear can affect his sperm production, sperm regenerate more if a man wears boxers than wearing snug or tight underwear. Therefore it’s advised to swap underwear for boxers to get a higher count and make your baby dose more potent.

Orgasm Timing

To support a baby boy, it helps for the woman to climax before her partner. Her orgasm will help create an acidic vaginal passage that will better support male sperm. 

Chinese Gender Chart

An ancient and superstitious method used by Chinese people for over 300 years, Using the lunar calendar (which can also be searched via the internet), enter the mother’s date of birth and the year she wants to get pregnant (although it is typically used to guess gender after conception). Select the desired gender and click. Easy!

There are no guarantees if these myths and methods are true and possible but you have nothing to lose if you try. If ever the result is opposite from what you wanted, having a baby in the clan adds joy to the family. Stay blessed having your first or your tenth beautiful baby girl.

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