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How to conceive a baby girl

How to conceive a baby girl: Are you one of the many parents who are longing to have a baby girl?

Maybe you already have enough boys and want to experience the balance of parenting a girl too. 

There are lots of claims and theories made on the internet that you can influence the possibilities of having either a baby girl or a baby boy, but in reality, there’s not much data to prove any of it really works. 

The possibilities of having a girl or a boy are more or less the same in every pregnancy, with the realistic odds being 50-50 chance. Even though some couples appear to only have girls or boys, this pattern shows more luck than management. 

Here are some of the ideas, planning and other simple adjustments that could put the odds in your favor.

You wish for XX all the way!!

The birth mother’s egg has nothing to do with the gender of your little one, all moms’ eggs are the bearer of X chromosomes.

Your gentleman decides the gender of your baby. Whether his sperm is carrying a Y (boy) chromosome or an X (girl) chromosome.

If the X chromosome of your man meets your egg, then a baby girl starts to form(XX), however, if the (Y) chromosome meets the egg first, the pairing will lead to a baby boy (XY).

Boy sperm are faster swimmers but they perish easily, only lasting about a day, while the female sperm is much more resilient and can survive for as long as a week in the womb, with the right conditions. They are slower swimmers, however, so it means the boys are probably going to win in a straight head-to-head race. The thing is that a woman is only fertile for about 1 day every 28 days. So the egg needs to be ready when the Y sperm arrive, they won’t be able to hang around for long.

Knowing this about sperm is useful in a laboratory setting where they can select gender by isolating the fast swimmers from the slow ones. Getting to select yourself during intercourse is much more difficult as there are a lot of factors that we just can’t take into account. There is no harm in trying though, right?


For the 50-50 chance of having a boy or girl, the best practice is to make love all throughout your cycle. This way there will be an abundance of both X sperm and Y sperm in the womb when the egg arrives. 

To give the strong female sperm a better chance to get to the egg and fertilize first, it’s best to have intercourse a few days before the woman ovulates and refrain from having intercourse on the day of, the day before and the day after ovulation. This way the longer-lasting sperm will be the only ones in the womb on ovulation day. Aim for three to four days before the woman’s expected ovulation.

Getting the ovulation day right is quite tricky as this can vary significantly from woman to woman, and even cycle to cycle. On paper, it should be day 14 of the woman’s cycle, but it will help to spend a few months getting to know your cycle or taking vaginal temperature readings to help find patterns.

Just note that by limiting the frequency of sex around ovulation, you will be reducing the chance of falling pregnant. 

Can the methods for conceiving a baby girl also impact how you prepare her for the world?

When it comes to preparing your baby girl for the world, the methods for conceiving her may play a role. Some believe that certain methods, such as timing of intercourse or dietary changes, can influence the sex of the baby. Whether true or not, it’s important to focus on nurturing and supporting her regardless.


There are lots of positions when making love but if you are praying for a baby girl. These 3 positions are the most common to try. All three are used because they promote shallow penetration. The aim here is to force the male sperm to swim further to get to the womb, essentially tiring them out.

Try the following sexual positions along with the timing method:

  • Missionary position
  • Spooning – When you and your partner are spooning, both of you need to lie on each side, while your man penetrates from behind. This position helps to minimize the penetration since the woman’s legs stop the male partner from going deeper.
  • Woman on top – This method actually works for those couples who either want to conceive a boy or a girl. The key here is the woman controls the depth penetration: shallow for a girl, deep for a boy. 

Lastly, it is advisable for women not to have an orgasm during lovemaking (or to have it after the male) to help assist the pH levels in the vagina to conceive a baby girl.

Diet to conceive a girl

There are several pieces of advice floating around about what kind of foods to eat to have a baby girl. There are theories that eating particular foods will increase the pH levels within the vaginal environment, which will help nourish and sustain the X sperm. 

Female sperm (X) do better with more acidic pH levels.

Male sperm (Y) find it beneficial to have an alkaline environment (low pH).

How much of an influence pH actually has in deciding the gender of a baby is unclear.

Some research shows that to conceive a baby girl, combining low sodium, high calcium and high magnesium diet (cheese, butter, lots of yogurt, green leaves and beans) in the lead-up conception is beneficial. It is ideal to talk to your doctor first before changing your diet.

Make sure you keep healthy, exercise and eat a well-balanced diet so you give yourself the best chance of being fertile and carrying a strong and healthy baby, no matter the gender.

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