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Best 14 Gifts for New Moms

When we talk about gifts for new moms, we know only the best will do. Searching for the perfect present is a big challenge. You want something that will be useful, luxurious and will bring them that sense of being loved and supported in this new part of their life. To help out we’ve put together these meaningful and wowing ideas that will be sure to bring on all those gushy feelings. 

Just note before we get started: a gift can be your time, a friendly ear and someone to relax with. In some cases, you are the best gift you can give.

Watch her favorite movie with her at home

Doing simple little things can create a big impact on someone’s heart and you’ll give her the message early on that she can take breaks. Put in some effort and it will be so much more effective and memorable than buying material things. Organize the lounge, dim the lights and provide some popcorn or her favorite ice cream, and most of all, let her know that you will do the cleaning afterwards so she can unwind.

Being a new mom is testing. It can be hard to switch off and chill out. Let her know it’s okay to put her feet up and relax doing something she loves, in fact, it’s essential she still finds ways to enjoy her own things even while her baby needs her. If she is especially stressed about doing the dishes and laundry, do these chores with her or for her, and get her to sit down with a hot drink and movie snacks and watch something fun.

Give her a massage voucher

Those mom’s hands will be doing so much for everyone else, treat her to a massage. You might need to do some research into massage places that are close by, open extra hours or will do home visits so that she has no excuses not to make good on your offer and release that tension. 

Be sure to target 60 or 90 minutes treatments as she won’t want to be away from Baby too long, or may worry in her session that her infant may need her, so think short and sweet.

This is a must for breastfeeding moms who may have headaches and back pain from providing all that milk.

Let her have her way

This is the greatest gift a partner or family member can give: Zero arguments for one whole day. Even if she is wrong as can be, don’t correct her or argue. There are a lot of emotions and hormones she will be sensitive to as a new mom. Zip your mouth and bite your tongue and let her have some peace and calm. This simple act will be cherished.

Give her a rest

There is such a lot of pressure on new moms to get back to regular life as soon as possible. This isn’t the best thing for either mom or baby. They both need lots of rest and relaxation to recover from birth and settle in together as a new family. Especially in the first week, but wherever you can, do as much household work as you can. Assure her it’s her job to rest and recover with her little one and do the cooking and cleaning so it’s not waiting in a big pile for her when she does feel fit to get back to it again.

Fill in a baby journal

Baby journals make great gifts, only it can be hard for busy moms to find the time to fill them in. Rather than just buy a beautiful baby album or diary, be sure to take the time to fill it in with her. Take photos to the printer to get them off the phone and into the book for beautiful memories.

The same goes for baby milestone cards. It’s such a fun gift, but to make it practical, set up a photo shoot and get those milestones covered in fun and easy ways.

This is especially important for moms who already have kids. New babies can miss out on photos and baby albums because moms are just too busy with everything else to print photos and make a dedicated album. She will really appreciate it now, and in the future when her child is looking back at the album.

Buy a wearable baby carrier

Having more than one carrier is a great way to go, so don’t be put off if the mom you know has already purchased a baby sling or carry pouch already. There are so many different types and they are great for different situations, so giving her another one won’t hurt a bit. A lightweight baby carrier is the simplest and most comfortable way to carry an infant for any period of time. It means a mom can have Baby close by at all times and get chores done at home, go for a nice walk or settle a baby to sleep easily. This way she has a lot more freedom to multitask and the confidence to do something simple, like go outside, which she might be fearful of doing if it means leaving the baby alone in the house, or dropping the baby as she gets down the steps.

Arrange for a food delivery

There is nothing more enjoyable than food cooked by professionals. Getting out to restaurants is not only hard now that Baby is here, this new mom probably isn’t in the mood for getting dressed up and showing off her unwashed hair. Because of her hectic schedule, there are times that most moms overlooked the time. Any kind of food as your present will always be appreciated, either make it yourself if you have some talent in the kitchen or better yet, have everyone the trouble and order in.

Buy a diaper bag-backpack

There are many kinds of diaper bags out there and for new moms they surely love to have at least one. Backpacks are a good option because they distribute weight easily and are out of the way when lifting or leaning down to tend to the baby. The mom you know might already have their diaper bag of choice, however, a backup is always appreciated, especially if she is on the go a lot in different situations. A packed and ready bag in a busy day is always appreciated.

Buy a travel coffee mug

The mom you know will be packing a lot into her days from now on. A good quality travel mug will mean she can take her coffee to go. It’s also less prone to spills and the cool feeling outer layer will mean it’s more safe for bubs around the house too. There are plenty of designs and patterns to choose from to really get something stylish she will love.

Give her a cap

I know it doesn’t instantly spring to mind as a great new mom gift, but that might be what makes this entry so special. There will be plenty of times a new mom will need to race out the door with messy hair and no idea where her sunglasses have got to. A cap is an easy and practical gift that she can access quickly, protect her from the sun, and cover up that greasy hair! You might like to add a fun or fashionable cap into a personal care pack or fun “emergency” care pack.

Think cute and comfortable for ultimate appeal.

Security camera

A security camera is very helpful to anyone, but especially so for new parents whether for checking on the babysitter or keeping an eye on the house. This present is actually safe and simple to control but because it can be a little bit pricey, it might not have been something that has been previously purchased. A little security can be a great gift.

A quality one-pot cookbook

If you know a new mom who loves cooking then giving her a practical cookbook with simple recipes is a good idea. It will help keep her motivated to do those things she loves and whip up a frenzy of wonderful smells and tastes in the kitchen without using every utensil and having to clean up afterwards. Cooking one-pot dishes is very helpful.

A giant, easy to read planner or calendar

Along with the baby comes routines and schedules to organize. A huge calendar is easy and perfect and it serves as room decoration too.

Facial products

Once you become a mom- first time or not, there will be less sleep and less time for beauty routines. A pamper pack with facial care items that are easy to use and quick to apply means she will feel her skin glowing fresh, no matter how much she sleeps she misses.

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