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How Many Kids Does Robert Rushing Have?

Have you heard of Robert Rushing? If you’re a sports fan, you likely know him as the manager to several top athletes like Tristan Thompson and Dwight Howard. Beyond his high-profile career, Robert Rushing is also known as the longtime boyfriend of reality TV star Toya Johnson.

Together, Rushing and Johnson have an adorable daughter named Reign. But does Robert Rushing have any other children besides his baby with Toya? Let’s take a closer look at Robert Rushing’s family life and find out just how many kids he has.

Getting to Know Robert Rushing

Before we dive into Robert Rushing’s family details, let’s get to know this fascinating guy. Rushing was born on December 15, 1986 in Fort Gaines, Georgia. That makes him 36 years old today.

In his youth, Robert was an athlete himself. He played basketball for Troy University and was a standout point guard on the school’s team.

After graduating from Troy University in 2008, Rushing entered the world of sports management. He founded a travel and lifestyle company called Rush Travel Group, which catered specifically to professional athletes. This launched Rushing’s career of working behind-the-scenes in the sports industry.

These days, Robert Rushing is a successful sports manager with an impressive client roster. He manages the careers of NBA stars like Tristan Thompson and Dwight Howard. Rushing also owns a clothing line called “2 Commas,” specializing in athleisure and streetwear fashion.

Meeting Toya Johnson

Robert Rushing met Toya Johnson sometime around 2016, and the two began dating. Toya is the ex-wife of rapper Lil Wayne and was previously married to music producer Mickey “Memphitz” Wright.

Toya and Robert moved quickly in their relationship. In 2018, Toya gave birth to their daughter Reign Rushing. Just over a year later, in November 2019, Robert proposed and the couple announced their engagement.

Toya is a celebrity in her own right, known for appearing on BET reality shows like Tiny and Toya and T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle. She also has an older daughter named Reginae from her previous marriage to Lil Wayne.

It’s clear that Robert and Toya have built a happy life together. But here’s the looming question – how many kids did Robert have before meeting Toya?

Rushing’s Other Children

Prior to dating Toya Johnson, Robert Rushing had children from previous relationships. But there has been some uncertainty around the exact number.

Some reports speculated that Rushing had two or three children based on vague Instagram posts. However, Rushing has since confirmed that he has three kids – two daughters and one son.

His oldest is a daughter named Gabriella Rae Rushing. Not much is known publicly about Gabriella, though she is estimated to be around high school age.

Robert Rushing’s son is named Robert A. Rushing III. Robert goes by the nickname “Tre” and was born sometime in the early 2000s.

Rushing’s youngest daughter is named London Rushing. London appears to be in elementary school. Her mother is reportedly a woman named LaToria, who Rushing may have dated prior to Toya Johnson.

So in total, Robert Rushing has three children from past relationships – Gabriella, Robert III, and London. Of course, now he also has his daughter Reign with fiancée Toya Johnson.

Bonding with the Kids

Though Robert Rushing had his first three children young, it appears he is an involved father and shares a close bond with each of them.

Rushing occasionally posts photos with his children on Instagram, documenting their trips, holidays, and family moments. It’s clear he makes an effort to spend quality time with his kids.

In a 2022 Instagram post, Rushing shared photos of a vacation he took to Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas with his daughters Gabriella, London, and Reign.

The girls posed together on the beach and enjoyed time at the resort’s water park. “Fun times with my babies,” Rushing captioned the photos.

Rushing’s Life as a Family Man

Now in his mid-30s, Robert Rushing seems to be relishing his role as a family man.

Though he and Toya have not yet officially tied the knot, Rushing refers to Toya as his wife and Reign as their princess. He embraces Toya’s daughter Reginae Carter as one of his own too.

According to Rushing’s social media, all the kids get along well and often spend time together. It’s one big blended, happy family!

Rushing also makes sure to celebrate all his children’s birthdays and other milestones. Just this year, he threw an elaborate princess party for Reign’s 5th birthday.

It’s clear that while Robert Rushing climbed to success in the sports world at a young age, fatherhood is one of his proudest roles.

Rushing’s Other Endeavors

When he’s not busy managing top athletes’ careers or spending time with his kids, what else does Robert Rushing have going on? This ambitious guy has several other ventures.

As mentioned, Rushing owns the clothing brand 2 Commas. He’s expanded the brand’s catalog in recent years to offer hoodies, t-shirts, women’s leggings, accessories, and more.

Rushing also founded Rush Travel Group, a full-service travel and concierge company, though it appears the company is no longer operating.

Additionally, Robert considers himself a fitness fanatic. On his Instagram bio, he advertises online personal training and nutrition plans.

It seems Robert Rushing has a knack for reinventing himself and knows how to spot lucrative business opportunities!

Net Worth and Lifestyle

With his successful career as a sports manager coupled with his clothing line and other endeavors, Robert Rushing has amassed an impressive net worth.

Estimates peg Rushing’s current net worth at around $7 million. Not too shabby!

Rushing owns a beautiful home in Atlanta with fiancée Toya Johnson. He also has a house in North Carolina.

On social media, Rushing shows off his sporty Range Rover SUV and Mercedes Benz coupe. He and Toya take luxurious vacations to places like Dubai and the Caribbean.

Thanks to his fortune, Rushing is able to provide an upscale lifestyle for his family. And it seems there are more blessings to come!

What’s Next for Rushing?

Robert Rushing and Toya Johnson still have a wedding to plan. The couple got engaged in late 2019 and were originally planning to tie the knot in 2020. But like so many betrothed pairs, they postponed the nuptials due to COVID-19.

In interviews, Toya has said she and Robert plan to have a destination wedding sometime in 2022 or 2023. Their families can look forward to that joyous milestone on the horizon!

Professionally, Rushing continues to grow his sports management company. With A-list clients and plenty of drive, his career prospects remain bright.

Of course, Rushing stays busy keeping up with his kids’ many activities and milestones. As his eldest daughter Gabriella nears graduation, he’ll likely become an empty nester before he knows it!

Robert Rushing’s Fatherhood

To answer the question…Robert Rushing has 4 children total. His oldest 3 kids Gabriella, Robert III, and London were born before Rushing met Toya Johnson. He and Toya share daughter Reign born in 2018.

Rushing had his first child in his late teens, but has evolved into a responsible, caring father who makes his kids a top priority. He balances his career success with quality time spent with his blended family.

Robert Rushing’s story shows that you don’t have to follow a traditional path to become a great dad. Through his maturity and devotion as a father, he sets a positive example.

So while Robert Rushing continues to achieve his professional goals in the sports world, his proudest and most important role seems to be as a loving father to his four beautiful children.

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